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China Weighing Instrument Association to attend the 2018 International Exhibition of weighing and Metrology in the United States

Liu Xiaohua, director of China's Equity Association, Liu Xiaohua, Secretary General Qi Rudong, vice secretary Xiao Hui, Wu Dechang, general manager of Limited by Share Ltd, Hua Lanhai and Liao Youjun, general manager of Shanghai grand and weighing Co., Ltd., representative of Li Huijun et al, general manager of Tianshui electronic weighing apparatus Co., Ltd., representative of Li Huijun et al. A group of 8 people visited the 2018 Exhibition (ISWM 2018 CONFERENCE & EXPO) hosted by the International Society of Weighing & Measurement in Las Vegas, USA, before February 19th. The day is the fourth of the year. It is the traditional Chinese New Year holiday. It should be the time to reunite with my family. But it does not affect the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs for the development of international equity industry. It is still on the journey to open a ten day visit.
The 2018 ISWM exhibition was held in Las Vegas, USA from 20 to 23 February, and there were 21 exhibitors. On the 20 day of the exhibition, more than 200 international weighing apparatus participants attended the exhibition. On the opening day, the delegation watched the various weighing instruments and related products on display by the exhibitors. After carefully inquiring about the products and companies of the exhibitors, the biggest feeling was that in recent years China's products have become more and more powerful in the international market and have seen more than 1/3 of the exhibitors. The exhibitors and products are all from China. The members of the trade union also feel the momentum of the development of China's weighing apparatus industry and the tremendous opportunities for going out of the market. Wu Dechang, the general manager of the Limited by Share Ltd in Guangdong, was very excited when he saw a foreign exhibitor in the use of a patent product that he developed and produced - chain bridge. Although it was not interlinked in the language exchange, the staff expressed the staff that this was the product he developed. Also very happy to come out with their own business card exchange, and stressed the need to send e-mail to strengthen contacts and continue to exchange.
Mr. Jerry Finnegan, President of the American International weighing Association, expressed a warm welcome to the president of Liu Xiaohua and members of the delegation. President Liu Xiaohua also reviewed the friendly exchanges of the two associations with Mr. Jerry Finnegan, recalling the last visit to the United States in the 2010 ISWM exhibition. And introduced the China International Fair in 2018, I hope to invite Mr. President to come to Wuhan, Hubei, to attend the opening ceremony and visit China International Fair Exhibition. President Jerry Finnegan thanked director Liu Xiaohua for his kind invitation. He said that if time permits, he would be invited to meet again in Wuhan. After the exchange, the president of Liu Xiaohua, on behalf of the Chinese weighing instrument delegation, presented a gift to the American International weighing Association. Mr. Jerry Finnegan expressed his gratitude on behalf of ISWM and explained that his term of office was from 2016 to 2018. The term of office would be full, and then a new president and council would be produced, and he would take Liu Xiaohua. The wishes of the chief secretary will be conveyed to the president of the new Council and continue to carry forward the friendly exchanges and development between the two weighing apparatus industries.

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