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Official opening of the first metrology and technology culture museum in Fujian

On the morning of May 16th, as one of the nineteenth "world metrology days" and the national science and Technology Week series, the first metrology and Culture Museum in Fujian province was officially opened, and the Fujian Provincial Bureau of quality supervision began to open a visit to the community free of charge. Yan Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party group of Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, deputy inspector Ye Huasheng, Secretary General Ma Aiwen of China Metrology and Testing Association, and leaders of China Metrology University, Beijing metrology and testing institute, Fujian Provincial Association, Fujian provincial Calligrapher Association, Minhou County Committee and other leading guests participated in the opening of the museum.
Formal ceremonies
During the campaign, Yan Xiao Dong was the only national photovoltaic industry measurement center and the national steam flowmeter product quality inspection center, which was built by the Fujian Metrology Institute. Domestic metrological culture experts and popular science experts participated in the "new era of Metrology and science and Technology Culture Symposium", and visited scientific research bases with advanced domestic and international metrology laboratories.
Fujian metrology and technology culture museum is located in the scientific research base of the Institute of Metrology and science of Fujian, Fuzhou, Minhou economic and Technological Development Zone. The exhibition hall has a total area of more than 500 square meters, with a total of 6 theme areas, with 32 large popular graphic pages, 17 interactive experiences and 22 popular science videos, which not only show the ancient measure of measurement and balance. It is extensive and profound, and it focuses on demonstrating the important role of modern metrology in leading technology, protecting people's livelihood, serving national defense and supporting industries. The cultural museum and the advanced laboratory of the metrology and scientific research base complement each other and complement each other. They integrate the work of science and technology into the whole process of scientific and technological innovation, fully display the research and development process of Metrology and scientific research, and measure the achievements of scientific research to the visitors, publicize the metrology laws and regulations, popularize the knowledge of measurement, sow the seeds of science, and stimulate the heat of innovation. Love.
On the day of the opening of the pavilion, the exhibition hall introduced the first "small 7" work of the national science of metrology, "the basis of the measurement of the seven basic quantities of the" international unit system SI "), and the exhibition of the interactive exhibition of the metrology science of the exhibition hall to carry out the experiential and participatory science popularization activities of the metrology and participation of the public, and to synchronize the new media, The promotion and promotion of the media.


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