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There is no limit to change and Innovation -- Speech on world metrology day 2018

Metrology is the eternal theme, which has a long history and is enduring. The measurement unit system is the cornerstone of the measurement system. The theme of the 2018 World metrology day is determined as "the evolution of the international unit system", which contains the changes of the times and the measurement. In May 20, 1875, the representatives of the 17 countries of France, Russia and Germany signed the "rice system Convention" in Paris. It is recognized that "rice system" is a universal system of measurement units, and establishes the basic measurement system of transmitting the value to various countries on the basis of physical reference, including time, length, quality, temperature, current, luminous intensity and quantity of material, and so on, 7 The system of international measurement units of basic units has been gradually established, which provides reliable measurement guarantee for the traceability and accurate consistency of measurement values in the world over the following 100 years, rapid development of science and technology and the integration of global economy. With the development of quantum theory and technology, since the 60s of last century, the time length "seconds", the length unit "rice" and so on gradually changed from the object datum to the quantum datum, which also led to the quantitative transformation of other measuring units, and continued to produce the vigorous scientific and technological revolution. At present, major changes in international metrology are about to begin. We will usher in a new era of quantitative quantization.
The quantized evolution of the international system of units is another major revolution in the use of natural laws to create measurement rules. First, we will change the international measurement system and the existing pattern. The new measurement system is no longer dependent on the transmission of the amount to the countries through the object datum, but the quantization of the international measurement datum and the flattening of the traceability of the value transfer will form the advanced multilevel global measurement center or regional Metrology Center to carry out the traceability of the value transfer. Two, it will strongly support the new round of industrial revolution. Through the combination of quantum measurement datum and information technology, the quantity value transfer chain is shorter, faster and more accurate, and the depth fits the new industrial revolution which is based on the information physical system and the intelligent manufacturing as the main feature. Three, it will revolutionize the development of instrumentation industry. The new quantum measurement technology, sensing technology and information technology are highly integrated, so that all measurement units can be traced to the time unit "second", set multi parameter, high precision comprehensive measurement, and then promote the comprehensive innovation of measuring instrument and instrument form. From a deeper level, the quantized evolution of the international system of units is a comprehensive transformation from concept, system to all fields.
After years of efforts, China has achieved international recognition of the calibration and measurement capabilities of the world's fourth, the first in Asia, and has made important contributions to the redefinition of international units, such as length, temperature, electricity and other international units. At present, the measurement business is like the evolution of the international system of units, which ushered in a new trend of change and innovation. The new international measurement unit system can make the measurement datum come back anytime and anywhere, and apply the most quasi "scale" directly to the production and life. This will promote the reform and innovation of the measurement management model which is the main body of the physical measurement instruments. At the same time, under the guidance of large market, large supervision and large quality concept, the new State Administration of market supervision and management has laid a solid foundation for the reform and innovation of China's metrological system system, and is conducive to the further play of the basic role of measurement, and better support the high quality of economic and social development.
Measurement from ancient times to the present, continuous evolution, reform and innovation, in the ascendant, promising. As China's Metrology Department, we are deeply aware of the fact that there is no limit to the development of metrology. Facing the future, we must stimulate potential, release vitality and cultivate motivation.
We should further utilize the market mechanism to stimulate the potential of measurement. Metrology is an important foundation for ensuring the normal operation of the national economy and fair trade, and also an important symbol of the core competitiveness of the country. As one of the products of human civilization, on the basis of ensuring the unification of the international unit system and the accuracy and reliability of the quantity, the measurement itself should also follow the law of the market development and conform to the direction of the market development. First of all, we must comply with the supply and demand mechanism, and constantly improve the supply of high-quality resources according to market demand. At present, in particular, it is necessary to focus on the people's growing needs for a better life, combing the problem of unbalanced measurement development, and aiming at short boards and bottlenecks, accurately advancing and solving them. Secondly, competition mechanism should be introduced to stimulate the measurement potential in various fields. Metrology is a matter of the whole society. It requires the participation of relevant departments, localities, industries, enterprises and all sectors of society. It should make full use of the market competition mechanism, stimulate the potential of various fields, form the motive force of development, and constantly enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and sense of security, whether it is measurement development, measurement supervision or measurement service.
We should give full play to the role of market players and release the vitality of measurement. Market vitality comes from people, especially from entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurship. We should give full play to the role of the main body of the market, speed up the decentralization of power, change the function, pay attention to the government guidance and policy support. The rules formulated should be made well, the environment of the construction is good, the entrepreneurs are in use, and the enterprises should be encouraged to be bigger, stronger and better. Whether it is decentralization or technical services, metrology is an important area. It is necessary to perform both the government supervision function of the measurement, the management of the tube, the release of the release, and the good use of the technical advantages of the measurement, the correct guidance and service of enterprises, and the high quality measurement test technology service for the enterprises to reduce the cost and increase the quality of production.
To grasp the opportunity of measurement change and cultivate

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