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The standard weight specifications are different. How do you use it?

Standard weights and specifications are different. As a precise meter, weights play a huge role in research, production and other fields, and are an indispensable part of our lives. When we use standard weights, we should also pay attention to the use of specifications, and better maintenance weights. Then, Yantai Bejia Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce the operation specifications of weights:

1. Periodically check the standard weight. If there is more than a certain period, you need to check it first and then use it.

2, check the dirt of the weight, if there is dirt and dust, you must first clean, in order to verify

3. Before the verification, first check the appearance of the scale, and also check the parts to see if it meets the technical requirements.

4. Checking, if the number of standard weights is insufficient, the verification can be carried out by the substitution method.

5. If a small weight is used during the test error, it must be removed in time to avoid affecting the verification of the next item.

6. When the weight is checked, it is necessary to avoid the collision, so it is necessary to take it lightly.

7. The standard weights that have been verified must be stored in a dry, temperature-friendly warehouse.

Standard weights need to be used with scales or balances,  which can be used for the measurement of object quality. Normally, the balance will have matching weights. As a standard quality, you need to remind everyone that In the process of using the standard weight, you should use the tweezers, and do not pinch it directly.
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