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Why should chrome plating be used in the production process?

Test Weight are very common in life, such as weighing with a scale, or measuring with a balance, can not be separated from the weight. Among the weight products, the stainless steel weight is a popular one, but many people don't quite understand why the stainless steel weight is chrome-plated. In order to solve everyone's doubts, the editor will explain it to you today.

The role of stainless steel weight chrome plating: China's international mutual recognition calibration and measurement capabilities have jumped to the fourth in the world, Asia's first

1, chrome increases the surface finish;

2, chrome plating can enhance the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel weight shaft surface;

3. Chrome plating increases the wear resistance of the shaft surface.

The chrome plating on the stainless steel weight is a mirror effect. Mainly functional and decorative, plus chrome stainless steel weight, better wear resistance, hv can reach more than 700, and the corrosion resistance is also better. At the same time, the chrome weight is polished and polished, which is very beautiful and beautiful.

Chrome can not only make the stainless steel weight more durable, but also make the silver of the weight more shiny and lasting. Therefore, when the stainless steel weight is produced, the weight will be chrome-plated. Need to remind everyone that when using stainless steel weights, use a pair of tweezers to pinch, do not take them directly by hand.

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