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How to choose the stainless steel lock type weight for pharmaceutical companies?

Stainless steel lock type weights are commonly used in various weights. Under normal circumstances, there are many cases where the factory uses stainless steel weights. This is mainly because the weights are made of non-magnetic stainless steel and have high corrosion resistance. Strong anti-adsorption, more stable and durable, then how to choose the stainless steel lock type weight used by pharmaceutical companies?

Before selecting the stainless steel lock type weight, we must first know the grade of the weight. The standard weights include the OIML standard and the ASTM standard. According to the OIML standard, the weights are E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M12. There are 9 levels of M2, M23 and M3. The level is from high to low and the error value is gradually larger. Generally, the weighing requirements of pharmaceutical companies are relatively strict. It is necessary to select the stainless steel lock type weights with higher E1 and E2 grades. This weight is more accurate, which is more conducive to the control of the drug ratio and improve the quality of the medicine.

Of course, the grade classification of stainless steel lock type weights can also be classified according to ASTM standards, and the grades are classified into Class0, Class1, Class2, Class3, Class4, and Class5. The standard weight of the standard weight range is very wide, ranging from 1mg to a few tons, and for the pharmaceutical company, the use of a small weight error to better control the ratio of the drug.

The weight code used by the pharmaceutical factory is relatively high. The overall structure of the weight is professionally designed to ensure the stability of the weight. In addition, the weight is specially polished, which is more smooth and anti-adsorption. The stainless steel lock type weight can satisfy various customers. Need.
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