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What are the standards for 20g calibration weight?

When electronic scale manufacturers produce scales, they often use standard weights to measure whether the scales are qualified. At this time, they need to use 20g standard weights, sometimes scales with higher precision requirements, and even use milligram weights. When purchasing a weight, you need to have some understanding of the level standard of the weight. Today we will look at the level of the 15g standard weight.

The 20g standard weights are graded from high to low, E1 E2 F1 F2 M1, etc. The weights need to be verified at the factory. The factory calibration certificate will indicate the correction value and tolerance value of the 20g standard weight. However, not all grades of weights will have these two values. According to the regulations, the weights of the standard weights above F1 will have correction values, while those below 20KG will have no correction values.

This is mainly because the balance of the weight below the F2 level is not particularly high, the balance weighing requirements are lower, the accuracy of the standard weight can be satisfied within the tolerance range, and the F1 level and the F1 level above 20g. The standard weights are equipped with high-precision balances, which require extremely high precision. This balance is used to weigh precision. In this case, the tolerance of the standard weight cannot meet the work requirements. The true value of a weight, that is, the correction value, is also required, so the set weight above the F1 level should be marked with the correction value.

The magnetic susceptibility of the 20g standard weight is very high. The magnetization intensity is required in the code specification. If the requirements are met, the uncertainty of the weight of the weight can be assumed to be zero. If the magnetization required by the regulation is exceeded, it can be determined. The weight is unqualified.
The standard weight specifications are different. How do you use it?
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