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Production process of the cast iron weights

Production process of the cast iron weights

Usually, people are familiar with production process of small-size cast iron weights. There a little difference between large-size and small ones during production. The common process is mold, shearing, stamping, and surface treatment.

For the oversized cast iron weights, the production process is also different. It needs to be shaped first, then combining, pouring, unpacking, shot blasting, polishing and spray painting .


The cast iron weights are very easy to rust, it’s better to use good quality anti-corrosion for painting which will enhance anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability, improve the hardness and impact ability of cast iron weights. According to regulations of weights, the surface must be smooth and flat. The cast iron weights coated with high-quality anti-corrosion painting can achieve the requirements.


The tolerance and density of the weights must be guaranteed. With uniform density distribution, the weights will be more stable.


Nowadays, the cast iron weights are used in many industries, such as metallurgy and machinery. And the corrosion and wear resistance of the weights have higher requirements. Yantai Jiajia Instrument Co., is always improve itself to meet the needs of more enterprises.

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