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A brief talk about the roughness of weight surface

For many users to judge the quality of a weight, it is more intuitive to feel whether its surface is perfect. Now I will share an article about the roughness of the weight, let's have a look!

One of the questions that users may pay more attention to is the quality of the weight, it is also a question which ranks top in the consulting frequency. From the technical level, it is important to judge the quality of the weight, and the products produced by Jiajia instrument are also different, even the same series of products will have some differences.

We are not afraid of your comparison with other manufacturers (please contact us for quotation of stainless steel weights). Products with quality problems will affect the weight market to some extent, which is a very bad phenomenon. Here we will compare the roughness of the weight surface:

What does the quality stability of the weight mainly depend on? It is mainly based on the roughness of the weight surface. In other similar cases, the stability of the weight with smooth surface is far greater than that with rough surface!

When we evaluate the roughness of weight surface, we should first clean the weight surface, and then carefully observe the roughness of weight surface, for instance, whether there are spots or scuffing on the surface, however, the lettering can not be used as the standard to evaluate the surface of the weight roughness.

Note: The evaluation about the surface roughness of weights is only applicable to the weights of E1 grade, E2 grade, F1 grade and F2 grade which ≥ 1g.

Our company has always followed the production and manufacturing specifications of weight, and treated the construction of weight with a rigorous attitude, only to provide you with a satisfactory product. About the stainless steel weight which is cheaper? It would be better to come and have a look about Jiajia’s weight!

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