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A brief talk about the 304 stainless steel weight

Stainless steel weights can be divided into many different models, and they have differences between them. Today, the editor of weight customization manufacturer takes 304 stainless steel weights as an example to explain.

Now the editor will mainly introduce the material of 304 stainless steel weight, which is also an interpretation of Yantai Jiajia Instrument Co., Ltd. for this series of products, hoping to help you.

For 304 stainless steel weight, it has the same Ni element inside, which plays an important role. It has a direct relationship with the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel, and the value of 304 stainless steel weight is also determined by this element.

Although Ni element and Cr element are relatively important in the weight, they are not limited to these two elements, and the specific requirements should be operated according to the product standards. Generally speaking, as long as the content of Ni element is more than 8% and the content of Cr element is more than 18%, it can be regarded as 304 stainless steel weight, so 304 stainless steel weight has another name called 18/8 stainless steel.

According to the relevant product standards, 304 stainless steel weights have very clear regulations, but these product standards will be different for different shapes. If you want to judge whether a material is made of 304 stainless steel or not, you must meet all the element requirements in the product standard. If there is one that does not meet the requirements, it is not a 304 stainless steel weight.

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