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Can worn stainless steel weights be repaired?

In the process of using stainless steel weights, some wear or collision occur is unavoidable. In the case of damage , the accuracy of the weights will be affected to some extent, especially the  large damage is necessary to stop using immediately. So, for small wear, can it be repaired and continue to use?

In the use of stainless steel weights, if there is doubt about the quality, it needs to be sent to the professional measurement department for inspection and calibration immediately. If there is a slight error in the mass, it can be adjusted to the standard weight by adjusting the cavity. If the stainless steel weight is seriously worn, it is recommended to repurchase. In this case, the weight cannot be replenished.

For weights which above the F1 level, if it was accidentally dropped to the ground or collided, the quality value and accuracy will change. The higher the level of weights, the greater the impact on the accuracy. Generally, this kind of high-grade weight can not be repaired after being damaged, so it is necessary to repurchase new stainless steel weight.  

We need to remind you that when using stainless steel weights, we should pay attention to the operation specifications. First of all, check the stainless steel weight to see if there is any stain on the surface. If there is any dirt or dust, it needs to be cleaned before using. Check whether the weight is within the calibration interval. The weight beyond the calibration interval shall be used after verification.

After using, the stainless steel weights also need to be well preserved and maintained. The stainless steel weights shall be stored in the supporting weight box, inspected and cleaned regularly and recorded. The weights damaged by collision shall be sent to the measurement and verification department in time, after passing the verification, they can continue to be used. 

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