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Mass comparators

Mass Comparators

High precision and high quality weight comparator, developed by international advanced technology, the comparator has stable performance, simple operation, accurate and clear display and high accuracy level.
It is mainly applicable to heavier weight with class MI grade, also be applied to the industrial field and weighing of valuable materials.

Type ES-M
Working temperature 10-40 Power 220V±10%、50HZ
Preheating time Within 30 minutes Working humidity Natural
Dimensions(mm) 1200×1000×230 Power Waste 20W
Computer interface Standard RS232 Pan Size(mm) 1200×1000
Display mode LCD digital display Instrument box size(mm) 350×300×130
Push Bottun 5 Function key Switch / peeling / automatic calibration / function

Type ES-1000M ES-2000M ES-3000M ES-5000M
Maximum weighing 1000kg 1000kg 2000kg 2000kg 3000kg 5000kg
Weighing grade 1000kg 1000kg 2000kg 2000kg 3000kg 1000kg
actual scale interval 5g 5g 10g 10g 20g 20g
Repeatability ±5g ±5g ±10g ±10g ±20g ±20g
Offset error ±5g ±5g ±10g ±20g ±40g ±20g
Pan size 1200×1000mm 1200×1000mm 1500×1300mm 1500×1300mm
Shape size 1200×1000×550mm 1200×1000×550mm 1500×1300×600mm 1500×1300×600mm
Weight(kg) 320kg 350kg 800kg  900kg

Remarks: We can also customized manufacture other larger weighing according to user requirements. 

Lifting stop device can selected for large weight, for protecting lifting impact of bigger size weights.

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