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  ->Electrical Scales  
Mass comparators for heavier weight
Functional characteristics
Electromagnetic force balance sensor
Stainless steel pan
Metal structure, stand well
DC adapter: Input: 220vAC/50HZ Output:7.5Vdc/600mA
Optional baud rate: 300.600.1200.2400.4800.9600

Working Temperature: 4-44

Model JD100KX1 JD200KX2 JD500KX5 JD1000KX10 JD2000KX20 JD3000KX20
Maximum range 100kg 200kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg
Least count 1g 2g 2g/5g 5g/10g 10g/20g 20g
Pan dimension 700x600mm 1200x1000mm
Outside dimension 700x600x200mm 1200x1000x230mm(Including lifting device is780mm)

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